Laboratory Testing Machine

Product Image (AI/LAB/19)

UV Light Arrangement Static Type with Temperature Controller

Price: 250000.00 INR/Set

Material Aluminium Alloy Automation Type Automatic Color Silver Phase Single Phase Operating Voltage 230 V Warranty 12 Months Connection Voltage 230 V Total Power 1.2 kW Frequency 50 Hz Cabinet Size 930 x 460 x 630 mm

Product Image (AI/LAB/05)

Micro Slip Tester

Price: 55000 INR/Set

Usage/Application Helmet Display Type Digital Power 5 HP Voltage 380 V Frequency 50-60 Hz Phase Three Phase Body Material MS Automation Grade Automatic

Product Image (AI/LAB/08)

Flammability Tester

Price: 46000 INR/Set

Usage/Application Flammability Test / Rate of Burning Size 125x65x130 CM Material MS Power Coated Voltage 220V AC 50 Hz Display Type Digital Timer 0 to 999 Seconds

Product Image (AI/LAB/10)

Retention System with dead weight and Hood

Price: 85000 INR/Set

Control Computer Control Weight 100-500Kg Power Source AC220V Product Name Dynamic Motorcycle Helmet Retention System Testing Testing Standard ECE R22.05, En1078,En1077 etc Rise Device Pneumatic Rise Device Initial Load 5kg , 7kg, 15kg Impact Height 600mm, 750mm Displacement Sensor High Accuracy Displacement Sensor Control Ways Computer Control Electricity 220V 50Hz Data Real Time Draw Curve Reprot Can Print out Specification It′s according ECE R22.05 standard

Product Image (AI/LAB/115)

Penetration Resistance Tester

Price: 55000 INR/Set

1. Impact hammer mass: 5kg+0.01kg, hammerhead hemisphere type: diameter 100mm. Puncture resistant cone weight: 3+0.05Kg, cone angle 60, cone tip radius 0.5mm, length 40mm 2. Drop weight: 1m 3. Release method: automatic release 4. Maximum force sensor for impact test 40KN 5, Dynamic force sensor frequency response minimum range: 5000H 6. Host dimensions: 500 * 350 * 1950 (mm) Electric control box dimensions: 290 * 340 * 840 (mm)

Product Image (AI/LAB/114)

Dynamic Retention Tester

Price: 96000 INR/Set

Usage/Application Helmet Display Type Digital Power 2 HP Voltage 220 V Frequency 50 Hz Phase Single Phase Body Material MS Automation Grade Semi Automatic

Product Image (125)

Human Impact Testing Equipment

Price: 120000 INR/Set

Model RS-8220SD Impact way Pendulum bob Swing arm Radius 1530mm Impact height 300~1200mm Impact canister ’s weight 45kg±0.1kg The canister ball dia. ∮2.5mm Specimen size H1930xW864mm Inner size of Wooden Fixing frame H1911xW845mm The part which contact the specimen is the rubber with hardness Shore 50 degree Dimension(WxDxH) 1200x1800x2200mm Weight About 700kg Power 1∮ AC220V 3A or specified by user

Product Image (AI/LAB/108)

Salt Spray Chamber

Price: 150000 INR/Set

Usage/Application Laboratory Material MS Voltage 240V Chamber Capacity 2000 Liters Accuracy +/-0.5 Degree C to 1 degree C Temperature Range Ambient to 60 degree C Display Type Digital Minimum Order Quantity 1 Unit

Product Image (AI/LAB/113)

Digital Compression Testing Machine

Price: 120000 INR/Set

Usage/Application compression testing Display Type Digital Capacity 1000 - 2000 kn Country of Origin Made in India Max capacity 1000-2000KN Accuracy Grade 1 Load Way Electronic Load

Product Image (13)

Hot Oil Bath

Price: 60000 INR/Unit
Product Image (AI/LAB/09)

Haze Meter

Price: 90000 INR/Set

Type Haze Meter TH-100 Light Source CIE-A,CIE-C,CIE-D65 Standards ASTM D1003/D1044,ISO13468/ISO14782, JIS K 7361/JIS K 7136, GB/T 2410-08 Parameters HAZE, Transmittance(T) Spectral Response CIE Luminosity function Y/V (λ) Geometry 0/d Measurement Area/ Aperture Size 16.5mm/21mm Measurement Range 0-100% Haze Resolution 0.01 Haze Repeatability ≤0.1 Sample Size Thickness ≤150mm Memory 20000 value Interface USB Power DC 24V Working Temperature 10-40 ℃ (+50 – 104 °F) Storage Temperature 0-50℃ (+32 – 122 °F) Size (LxWxH) 310mm X 215mm X 540mm Standard Accessory Free PC software (Haze QC) Optional Fixtures

Product Image (AI/LAB/06)

Impact Resistance Tester

Price: 40000 INR/Set

• The impact tester depicts 2 Lbs (900 grams), Nose Ø 1.27 CM. • The length of the guide tube is 40.6 CM. • Measurement of Die Ø 1.43 CM. • It has a unique locking arrangement, • The machine has chrome plating duly powder coated for an elegant look. Features • It is quite easy to operate. • It comes complete with user manual and conformance certificate. • The equipment meets NF, ISO, DIN, ASTM and ECCA standards.

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Oxidation Induction Test (OIT) Apparatus

Price: 200000 INR/Set

Oxidation Induction Test Apparatus is designed to check oxidation induction time (OIT) by Differential Thermal Analysis method (DTA) for polymers mixed with antioxidant additives. This test is helpful in analysing the de-gradability of polymers when subjected to oxygen flow. OIT Apparatus, OIT Equipment is known as Thermal Analyzer / OIT Machine, Differential Thermal Analyzer Apparatus, Thermal Analysis Equipment, OIT Instruments, Thermal Analyzer OIT Machine, Thermal Analysis Machine, OIT Apparatus, Thermal Analysis Products, Thermal Analysis Testing Machines, Thermal Analysis Tester, Thermal Analysis Testing, Thermal Analysis Instruments, etc.

Product Image (AI/LAB/28)


Price: 25480 INR/Set

Specifications: Maximum load capacity 10,000 kgs Maximum downward speed of piston 300 mm/min Stroke of piston 250 mm. Maximum operating pressure of hydraulic system 200 kg /cm so. Dia of support rollers 100 mm. The distance between support rollers (adjustable) - 400 mm. Farmers following diameters provided along with machine Dia.: 12, 16, 20, 24, 30, 32, 40, 50, 60, 80, 140, 175, 224, 280 mm Suitable re-bending tools supplied which will be incorporated into the machine. The up-down of the piston is through a hand-operated DC valve. The piston speed during the downstroke is adjustable through the manual operation of the flow control valve.

Product Image (AI/LAB/34)

Heated Press

Price: 55000 INR/Set

• High quality business grade dual heated press Hand Crank. • You can set your desired pressure, temperature with precision, and just use the hand crank to press; • Printing area: 2.4"X4.7"(6X12CM) and Package Size : 64x44x34cm. • Voltage: 110V; Power: 1000W; Time Range:0~999s; working temperature: 32-491 ℉ (0-255 ℃) • English Manual Included, please read the manual before use the heat press machine.

Product Image (AI/LAB/35)

Carbon Black Testing Machine With Gas Flow Meter

Price: 55000 INR/Set

• Compact tubular furnace to get the temperature up to 800º C with microprocessor-based PID temperature controller.

Product Image (AI/mask/01)

Complete Testing equipment for Mask IS 9473 Respiratory Protective Devices - Filtering Half Masks to Protect Against Particles

Price: 2600000 INR/Set

Complete testing facilities of Respiratory Protective Devices - Filtering Half Masks to Protect Against Particles as per IS 9473 Complete testing laboratory of Respiratory Protective Devices - Filtering Half Masks to Protect Against Particles as per IS 9473 Complete testing equipments of Respiratory Protective Devices - Filtering Half Masks to Protect Against Particles as per IS 9473

Product Image (AI/LAB/56)

Water vapour permeability tester (absorption tester) with 34 mm cutting die

Price: 62400 INR/Set
  • Dimension(L*W*H):550 x300 x300mm Millimeter (mm)
  • Power:230 v~50 hz
  • Weight:25kg Kilograms (kg)
Product Image (124)

Digital Tile Abrasion Test

Price: 80000 INR/Set

Counter 99, speed 30 rpm, Central Loading 220N With Panel- 70*35*35 Current /Volt- 240 , Single Phase Usage/Application Abrasion Testing Material Mild Steel Frequency 50/60 Hz Voltage 220-440 V Brand Aleph INDIA Power 0.25 To 4 Kw Tiles specimen size 7.06 cm x 7.06 cm

Product Image (AI/LAB/109)

End Cap

Price: 1 INR/Set
Product Image (AI/LAB/116)

Granite Surface Plate 1.2mx1.2m (Size Depends On Size Of Glass)

Price: 58000.00 - 68000.00 INR/Set

Unit Size 250x250 mm upto 5000 mm Surface Finish Precision Lapped Surface Finish Thickness 60mm-200mm Stand MS Fabricated

Product Image (AI/LAB/117)

Ball Drop Test Fracture And Adhesion With Steel Ball

Price: 12000.00 - 15600.00 INR/Set

Application: The ball drop impact test device is designed for drop impact testing for equipment enclosures. Test sample: Plastic ceramic, glass, acrylic fiber and other materials Parameters: 1. Power supply: 220VAC 50Hz 2.Drop ball control mode: DC electromagnetic control 3. Impact steel ball: 110g, 130g, 64g, one each 4. Dimension: 500*450 2000mm 5. Weight about 30kg Feature: This device uses a steel ball of a specified weight raised to a certain height where it is dropped onto the test piece where the damage is then measured.

Product Image (118)

Hydro-Static Pressure Testing Machine

Price: 1 INR/Set
  • Usage:Lab testing equipment
Product Image (AI/LAB/15)

Magnetic Stand For Facture Adhesion Test

Price: 10000.00 - 12400.00 INR/Set

Select from four Stand-offs - 20 mm, 50 mm, 50x50 mm Tile and 50 mm C1583 Environmentally sealed enclosure – weatherproof, dustproof and shockproof - meets or exceeds IP65 Inexpensive, single-use dollies eliminate cleaning for re-use and can be kept as a permanent record Self-aligning aluminum dolly enables accurate measurements on smooth or uneven surfaces 10, 14, 20 or 50 mm dollies maximize capability and measurement resolution across a wide range of bond strengths Calibrated and certified to ±1% accuracy using a NIST traceable load cell Conforms to international standards including ASTM C1583/D4541/D7234/D7522, ISO 4642/16276-1, BS EN 12004-2, AS/NZS 1580.408.5 and others Electronically controlled hydraulic pump automatically applies smooth and continuous pull-off pressure. Greatly reduces user effort and the risk of influencing the pulling process Impact and scratch resistant color touch screen with keypad for operation with or without gloves Built-in rechargeable battery performs over 200 tests per charge. Continue testing with AC power while the battery recharges. Rubberized, shock absorbing grips provide a stable, skid-resistant footing 10, 14, 20 or 50 mm dollies maximize capability and measurement resolution across a wide range of bond strengths. Maximum pull-off pressure by dolly size: o 10 mm: 14000 psi (96 MPa) o 14 mm: 7000 psi (50 MPa) o 20 mm: 3500 psi (24 MPa) o 50 mm: 560 psi (3.8 MPa) User selectable measurement units: psi (pounds per square inch), MPa (Megapascal), Nmm2 (Newtons per millimeter square) or Newton (force) User adjustable pull rate, pull limit and hold time Rotating display for horizontal and vertical use Software Updates via web keep your instrument current

Product Image (AI/LAB/21)

Magnetic Device For Dropping Arrangement

Price: 10000.00 - 12000.00 INR/Set

1x Magnetic release mechanism with mirror 1x Switchplate 4x gold-plated steel balls (diameters 12 mm and 16 mm) 1x Ping pong ball with the same mass as 12 mm steel ball

Product Image (AI/LAB/30)

Collapse Tester Apparatus

Price: 1 INR/Unit

Accuracy Grade: 0.5 Loading Method: Dynamic Load Power Source: AC220V Size: 220mmx230mmx350mm Note - Price will be change as per specification

Product Image (AI/LAB/26)

Muffle Furnace Machine

Price: 13000.00 - 15000.00 INR/Set

Type Of Model Laboratory, Industrial Features Energy Regulator, Digital Display Chamber size (mm X mm X mm) 4*4*9 Voltage (V) 240 v Power (W) 1800 - 5000 watt Power Source Electric Max Temperature ( C) 900-1000, 1000-1100

Product Image (AI/LAB/04)

Impact Absorption Tester with Steel Head form

Price: 85000.00 - 92500.00 INR/Set

Power Electronic Impact height According to standrad and can adjust Impact testing machine height 5.26m Impaact testing machine base width 31cm Purpose helmet Impact testing

Product Image (AI/LAB/33)

Melt Flow Rate Appts

Price: 1 INR/Set

1. Die with an opening of typically around 2 mm diameter is inserted into the apparatus. 2. Air pockets. 3. Polyethylene and 6 min at 230°C for polypropylene. 4. MFI is expressed engrams of polymer per 10 minutes of duration of the test.

Product Image (AI/LAB/20)

Fire Resistance Apparatus

Price: 60000.00 - 65000.00 INR/Set

The FTT system features: A Fire Resistance Test Furnace with an internal chamber measuring 3000mm (W) — 4000mm (H) — 1000mm (D) The capability of carrying out tests on vertical and horizontal test specimens that are mounted on custom-made restraint frames. A Hydraulic Tilting System is provided to enable the Furnace to be positioned either upright for testing items such as walls and doors, or on a horizontal plane for testing floors and ceilings. A furnace refractory lining comprised of insulating fire bricks, refractory castables, and mineral boards. The roof is lined with profiled bricks and anchored with cast refractories in situ. A furnace casing made of mild steel plates reinforced with steel C-Channels, I-Beams, and steel sections to counter structural distortion due to heat-steel casing lined with mineral fibreboard on the cold face and refractory insulating bricks anchored back to the wall with high-temperature cast-in-situ blocks, on the hot face. 4 sets of viewing ports made of heat-resistant quartz glass are placed at strategic locations on the long sidewall. This will enable the operator to view the complete test specimen during a fire test. A lightweight alumina fibreboard sliding door enclosed within the insulated, air-cooled frame. This will shield off the furnace heat when the viewing ports are not in use. 20 sets of Refractory Nozzle Mix Burners. Each burner will have a flame supervision unit to ensure that all combustion units operate on a fail-safe mode at all times. 10 burners are installed on each of the left side and right side of the furnace wall. Each burner is designed to use liquefied petroleum gas. A Furnace Combustion Control Panel designed to operate on both fully automatic and manual control modes. Automatic ignition of the burners is through the use of one push button switch. This fires up the burners based on a preset heating curve, such as that described in BS 476 Parts 20-24, EN 1363, and the IMO Hydrocarbon Curve. Manual burner control enables individual burners to be ignited at will.

Product Image (AI/LAB/16)

Light Stability Tester

Price: 450000.00 - 489000.00 INR/Set

Light intensity set digitally, real-time monitoring, closed-loop controlled and automatically adjust to meet the different standards (standard 420nm; 340nm, 300~400nm, 300~800nm is offered on request) 10.4-inch large color touch panel, a variety of test monitoring modes (animation, digital, graphic) operate easily and clearly. All key components such as temp, humidity sensors, and ultrasonic humidifiers are imported from the USA, Japan, Germany, etc. Blackboard Thermometer (BPT), the Standard Blackboard Thermometer (BST), Irradiance detector and samples placed in the same position, a true reflection of the sample under test conditions, the data displayed as figures, charts, curves on the large color screen, no need to stop for observation. Detection and wireless transmission using light energy conversion technologies for energy, not the other home power supply. Sample holders can be timed independently to achieve different tests simultaneity in the same machine A-Rated 2500W long arc xenon lamp simulates daylight spectrum. Industrial temperature control (cooling) system offers quickly and smoothly control Set of Sample Holders, set of Blue Wool Fabric (L1~L8), Gray Scale (Changing), Arc xenon Lamp, and other Specifications Working modes To simulate and reinforce the impact of the nature of the measured object, providing light and dark, temperature and humidity, rain, and other quantitative indicators. Light source 2500W air-cooled long-arc xenon lamp Temperature range 25 ~ 50 Resolution 0.1 Humidity range Bright cycle 10 ~ 70% RH, Dark cycle 30 ~ 95%, R. H. resolution 0.1% Test time control 1000h Irradiance 0.80 ~ 2.01W/m2 @ 420nm (340nm, 300~400nm, 300~800nm is offered on request), Digital set, automatic closed-loop compensation Irradiance accuracy ± 0.02W/m2 @ 420nm Sample holder ISO / GB 135 x 45mm, 16 Pcs AATCC 130 x 75mm, 8 Pcs, samples can be held on both sides Rotation speed of sample holder 5 rpm BPT Range (40 ~ 80) +/- 2 BST Range (40 ~ 85) +/- 1

Product Image (AI/LAB/107)

Digital Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Panel

Price: 100000.00 INR/Set

Brand Aleph Industries [INDIA] Pvt Ltd. Phase Single Time Resolution 0.1 Hour / 6 Minute Voltage 230V AC Weight Upto 200 kg Pressure 0-100/160/250 Bar Frequency 50 Hz Usage/Application Check fluid pressure testing equipment vessel, such as, cylinders, boiler, tubes pipe Surface Finsih Powder coated No. Of Pumps Single

Product Image (AI/LAB/31)

Resistance To Burning Tester

Price: 1 INR/Unit

Quick Details Power: Electronic Product name: Auto Interior Material Combustion Resistance Tester Flame Test Chamber Usage: Flame Tester Power supply: 220V 50Hz Standard: GB8410 - 2006 etc. Display: Digital Display Cabinet size: 385 x 204 x 360mm Burning time: 0 ~ 99 minutes 99 seconds can be set Stop burning time: 0 ~ 99 minutes 99 seconds can be set Burning angle: 90 ° Flame height: adjustable from 20mm to 100mm according to standard requirements

Product Image (AI/LAB/01)

Projection & Surface Friction Test Appts

Price: 100000.00 - 120000.00 INR/Set

Type: Friction Testing Machine Accuracy Grade: 0.5 Display: Digital Control: Computer Control Weight: 100-500Kg Power Source: AC220V

Product Image (AI/LAB/06)

Abrasion Tester

Price: 65000 INR/Set

Power supply: 230 V 50 Hz 1ph 500W Dimensions: 450x420x800 mm. Weight: 85 Kg approx.

Product Image (AI/LAB/23)

Hydrostatic Test Appts

Price: 100000.00 - 120000.00 INR/Set
Product Image (AI/LAB/24)

Vicat Softening Aptts

Price: 32000.00 - 37000.00 INR/Set

• Frame • Graduated 0-50mm scale • Plunger Assembly • Conical mold • Glass Plate

Product Image (AI/LAB/25)

Opacity Tester

Price: 38000.00 - 42000.00 INR/Set

Range : 0 – 99.9 % opaque. Direct display : % opaque. Paint : Powder coated. Power : 230 Volts, 50Hz, single phase

Product Image (AI/LAB/36)

Projection Microscope

Price: 1 INR/Set

Eyepieces and Magnification: • Three Magnifications: 50x, 100x, and 200x. • Three Objectives: 5x, 10x, 20x • Spring Loaded 20x Objective to Protect Slides. Illumination: • 24V/150W Halogen Transmitted Base Illumination • Stage Specifications • Stage Size 110 mm x 110 mm with Slide Clips Focusing: • Fine and Coarse Focusing Knobs on Both Sides of Microscope • Adjustable Screw-stop to Limit Coarse Range to Protect Slides • Rack & Pinion Steel Gears with Knob to Easily Move Stage Up and Down Frame-Base-Size-Weight: • Fan Cooled Base • Total Overall Height of Microscope: 420mm • Instrument Weight: 16 libs

Product Image (AI/LAB/37)

Dumbbell Press Cutting

Price: 10000.00 - 12000.00 INR/Set

• Optimum performance • Longer functional life • Reliable operations

Product Image (AI/LAB/38)

Dumbbell Die 115 mm

Price: 7000.00 - 7500.00 INR/Set

We are successfully meeting the varied needs of our patrons by offering a wide gamut of 75x12x4mm Dumbbell Die Punch as per their precise needs.


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